Personal data and privacy

Personal data and privacy

This page provides a brief introduction to our privacy policy, which defines how we treat our customers’ personal details.

You will find our complete privacy policy here.

Processing of data

DK Hostmaster collects the name, address and contact details of the registrant, any proxy for the registrant, payer and name server manager. If you use our self-service portal, we also collect details of the IP address used.

We need to collect this information in order to provide you with the best possible service and to charge domain fees.

Personal data are processed in accordance with the Danish Act on Internet Domains Specifically Allocated to Denmark and current legislation on personal data.

Release of data

According to the Danish Domain Names Act, DK Hostmaster must publish data on all registrants in DK Hostmaster’s public database of .dk domain names. Data include names, addresses and telephone numbers. If an proxy is connected to a domain, the proxy’s details will also be published.

Only registrants with name and address protection in the Danish National Register of Persons are permitted anonymity in the WHOIS database.

In special cases, DK Hostmaster releases personal data to third parties.

This also applies to information about individuals who are anonymous in DK Hostmaster’s WHOIS database.

Data manager

DK Hostmaster is responsible for data according to legislation on the processing of personal data, and has the following contact details:

DK Hostmaster A/S
Ørestads Boulevard 108, 11th floor
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Tel:  +45 3364 6060
Fax:  +45 3364 6066
Company reg. no.: DK24210375

Information security

Information security is of high priority to DK Hostmaster, and our aim is to maintain and continually develop a level of IT security that meets ISO 27001 standards. You can read more about DK Hostmaster’s handling of information security here.

Right of access

You are always entitled to access to the personal information we hold about you. If you request access to your personal details, we will require evidence of identity to ensure that we are releasing the information to the right person.

Write to with “Access to personal data” in the subject line if you would like access to your personal details.


Complaints about DK Hostmaster’s processing of personal data must be directed to:

Danish Data Inspectorate
Borgergade 28, 5
1300 Copenhagen K

Tel.: +45 3319 3200




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Release of data

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