Administration fees

Administration fees

Fees are charged to restore a domain name that has been suspended, to send invoices by post or in connection with the refund of a pre-paid domain fee.


Restoration fee

If your domain name is suspended due to non-payment, you can restore it by paying a fee of DKK 125.

See how to restore your domain name in our self-service portal. 

When a domain name is suspended, the e-mail address or website associated with the domain name cannot be used.


Refund fee

The fee in connection with a refund of an advance domain fee payment is DKK 50.

Send an email to to request a refund of a prepaid domain fee.


Postal fee

We send invoices to you electronically by e-mail. If you would like to receive your invoice sent by post, a fee of DKK 37.50 per invoice will be charged.

You can switch to paper invoices by logging on to our self-service portal and changing your payment settings.

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