Become a registrar

Become a registrar

Domain names can only be sold by a registrar approved by DK Hostmaster.

To apply for approval as a registrar, complete and submit an application form to DK Hostmaster. Anyone can apply for approval as a registrar. 

Write en email to Customer service at if you wish to apply for approval as registrar.

The registrar’s role

The registrar’s responsibilities to DK Hostmaster include:

  • Forwarding notification of the domain name to DK Hostmaster
  • Ensuring that, at the time of notification, there is active name service for the domain name on at least two name servers approved by DK Hostmaster

Application requirements 

To apply to become a registrar, complete a registrar application and send two copies of the application by post to: 

DK Hostmaster A/S 
Kalvebod Brygge 45, 3rd floor 
1560 Copenhagen V

The processing time is a minimum of 5 days. 

Your application must include the following information:

  • Applicant’s name, company form (if applicable), address and telephone number
  • Names and IP numbers of the name servers to be used by the registrar
  • Name of the person or clearly identifiable function in the applicant’s company to whom we can direct enquiries
  • E-mail address of the above-mentioned person or function

When DK Hostmaster has processed and approved your application, we will return a signed copy of the Registrar Agreement with an invoice for the deposit and the first year’s registration fee. You will become a registrar and can register domain names once you have:

  • Paid a deposit of DKK 25,000 exclusive of VAT
  • Paid the first year’s registration fee of DKK 2,400 exclusive of VAT
  • Submitted a declaration indicating that you are, or you have a collaboration with, the person(s) responsible for the name servers that will serve the registered domain names
  • Committed to follow the terms and conditions of DK Hostmaster in force at any time (signed Registrar Agreement)

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