Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Does DK Hostmaster collect information about me through cookies?

At we use cookies for statistics. That gives us an idea about how many visits there is on the different parts of the website and gives us the possibility to make it as user friendly as possible.

The first time you log on to you will see a top banner with information about cookies for statistics.

If you click on “OK” there will be placed session cookies and cookies for statistics and the banner will disappear.      

Cookies on the self-service

When you log into the self-service portal at, a cookie will be placed on your computer. This cookie is solely used as an access key to the self-service portal.

The cookie, named ‘DKHM_SB_SESSION’, is only relevant while you are using our self-service portal and will be available in the browser until it is closed.

Can I prevent cookies from DK Hostmaster being transferred to my computer?

Yes. If you do not wish that we place any cookies, you should deactivate cookies on your computer. You should change the settings in each browser you use, and you do it diffently in every browser. 

However, you should note that you will not be able to use our self-service portal if you elect not to use cookies on

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