EPP is a standardised protocol aimed at provisioning data between registries. The EPP protocol is intended for machine-to-machine communication in a client-server setup using XML.

DK Hostmaster offers the EPP service for registrars for automation and integration with local technical platforms. It is possible to perform the following operations using the service:

  • Ad hoc renewal of domain names
  • Change of name servers
  • Change of payer
  • Change of proxy
  • Updating DNSSEC data
  • Creation of name servers
  • Updating the name servers
  • Deleting name servers
  • Introduction of status codes and deletion date on domain names
  • Expansion of the EPP as a communication channel

The service requires a registrar account with DK Hostmaster, whitelisting of IP addresses used by the registrar and implementation of the EPP client.

For details and more information, please see our technical specifications.

Questions about the DK Hostmaster EPP service should be addressed to: tech@dk-hostmaster.dk

A forum for technical discussions on EPP, the EPP service and technical topics of a general nature is available as a mailing list. Please use the following address to subscribe: tech-discuss+subscribe@liste.dk-hostmaster.dk

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