FAQ - tech

FAQ - tech

Frequently asked questions about the technical terms concerning domain names.

Whois is a common term for domain name searches on the internet and refers to the question “Who is?”

DK Hostmaster administers a database of all .dk domain names and therefore provides a whois service for Danish domain names.


A search in our database returns information on the domain name’s:

  • Availability status
  • Date of registration
  • Name, address and user ID of the registrant
  • Name, address and user ID of the proxy
  • Name servers

If you have name and address protection in the Danish National Register of Persons, you will also be anonymous in the whois database.

DNS is short for Domain Name System. The system translates domain names into the internet’s IP addresses via name servers.

Every location on the internet has a numerical code called an IP address. The IP address enables computers to find a specific location on the internet. Since this numerical code is difficult to remember, it is given a name. This name is the domain name.

In other words, DNS is kind of like a telephone book, where the IP address the telephone number and the domain name is the person you are calling. 

DNSSEC is an extra security service that you can assign to your domain name.

By choosing DNSSEC, you can be sure that the right page is shown when using links to your website and when the direct URL is used.

Read more about DNSSEC here.

Change the glue record on your name server:

  • Log on to our Self-service with your name server manager user ID.
  • Choose the tap "Name servers".
  • In the drop-down menu rigth of the specific name server you choose "Edit glue record"
  • You are now able to change the IP adress

All changes will be active after next restart of the .dk zone

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