Do I have to pay VAT on the domain fee?

You must pay Danish VAT if you are:

  • A person or company residing in Denmark
  • A person residing in an EU country
  • A person or company based outside of the EU

You do not have to pay VAT if you are:

  • A company resident in the EU (except Denmark)


Companies within the EU are obliged to ensure that their VAT number (VAT number/company number) is registered with the company’s contact information at DK Hostmaster. This is updated using the self-service portal under the heading “Edit contact information”. Invoicing without Danish VAT requires the registration of a correct VAT number/company number with us.

Please note that if your company has already registered a company number with us and you want to change it, the domain name must be transferred from the old company to the new one. Read more about how to transfer a domain name.

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