Latest news from DK Hostmaster

Latest news from DK Hostmaster

ICANN replaces DNSSEC root key

ICANN, which is the organization that controls the root server of the internet, is replacing the DNSSEC root key. This is the first time that the root key is replaced and it is done to ensure that the DNSSEC infrastructure has the highest level of security. To make sure that the replacement of the DNSSEC root key will proceed without problems, all who run a recursive name server with DNSSEC validation enabled, must make sure that the name server has the new key before October 11, 2017.

Learn about good domain name practice

DK Hostmaster has invited Clement Salung Petersen, secretary of The Complaints Board for Domain Names and associate professor at the Faculty of Law, Copenhagen University, to lead a course on good domain name practice. The course will for instance give answers to which criteria defines good domain name practice and to what extend you may put up your domain name for sale.
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