DK Hostmaster changes the price for a .dk domain name

On 1 January 2018, DK Hostmaster is raising the price for the right to use a .dk domain name from DKK 45 to DKK 50 per year (incl. VAT).

The price for a .dk domain name has been DKK 45 per year since 2007.

“For many years we have avoided price increases, but a general increase in costs and the need for a higher level of investment means, that we have to raise the price,” says Jakob Bring Truelsen, CEO in DK Hostmaster, and continues:

“If the price for a .dk domain name had kept pace with the general price trend since 2007, a .dk domain name would cost around DKK 53 today. I am very satisfied that the new price is slightly lower than that.”

Solves tasks for the Danish society

DK Hostmaster is a not-for-profit organization that solves two tasks for the Danish society: Maintenance of a part of the infrastructure (DNS) in the Danish internet space and management of a WHOIS database of all .dk domain names.

In addition, DK Hostmaster also works to improve security on the internet.

Learn more about the price change here

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