DK Hostmaster makes online fraud more difficult

During 2017 DK Hostmaster and DIFO will implement a number of new actions to reduce the amount of fraud within the .dk-domain.

Fraud-websites only take up a small amount of the 1,3 million .dk domain names but both globally and in Denmark the online crime is increasing and therefore we have to implement new and higher requirements to the identification of those that wish to use a .dk domain name.

Now we are looking into making it mandatory to use NemID. This will give us the best control of the identity of the person behind a domain name – and knowledge about who is behind a domain name is an important tool to avoid fraud on the internet.

Alongside the implementation of NemID we will make the registration process of a .dk domain name more simple than it is today.

Risk assessment of foreign registrants

We will change our current letter-based validation of foreign people and companies, that wish to use a .dk domain name. With the use of information from international databases will we implement a check of whether the domain name, or person or company behind the domain name lead to concerns. If that is the case then we will ask the foreign citizen or company to identify with either passport, identity papers or certificate of registration of the company.

In June 2016 DK Hostmaster and DIFO made a big public hearing about online crime. It is on the background of the experiences of this hearing that these new initiatives will be launched.


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