New terms and conditions for you

We have made new Terms of Use that will enter into force on December 19, 2017. We believe that transparency is the key to a proper agreement about the right of use to a .dk domain name. Therefore, we have clarified your rights and obligations in our new terms.

Firstly, we have made it more transparent to be our customer. We have rewritten the terms; streamlined and reorganized them and written them in a more understandable language than before. We have clarified some areas, and overall, we hope you get a better understanding of your terms.

Secondly, we have taken a great deal out of the terms. The procedures that so far have filled a lot have been taken out and can be found at our website instead. The terms and conditions are therefore more about your rights and obligations for a .dk domain name. The abbreviation means that we go from 35 pages to 10!

Thirdly, the terms reflect the substantive changes we will made on our products.

  • With the new terms, the proxy will be able to perform more actions on behalf of the registrant without the registrant having to approve the actions each time. Only in case of transfer and deletion, the registrant must accept the actions.
  • DK Hostmaster will be able to suspend a domain name on the basis of risk of confusion in connection with obvious risk of financial crime.
  • We have emphasized the importance of the registrant keeping his contact information updated,
  • and we will implement a new identification process.

These provisions should support transparency on the Danish Internet and help prevent cybercrime.

Result of the consultation

The terms and conditions have been in consultation during the summer. We thank you for the constructive suggestions that have helped to improve the quality of the terms even further.

You can read all consultation suggestions and DIFO and DK Hostmaster's responses in our consultation note.

Read the consultation note and find the new terms and conditions here 





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