Change of name servers

Change of name servers

This section of DK Hostmasters website directs primary to name server managers. 

Existing name servers must be administrated, using our self service.

New name servers can be created using this form

Change name servers IP address

When a name server receives a new IP address, DK Hostmaster only needs to update this information, if the name server is a part of the .dk zone and the name server hosts its own domain.

  • If the name server is not in the .dk zone?
    It will not be possible to make the update in the .dk zone. The update must be performed in the name servers zone. Ex. .com, .org or .net.
  • Does the name server run its own domain?
    Changes of the name servers IP addresses must be updated, using our self service.

How can I see if the name server is running its own domain?

In this example, we use our name servers:  

all run our domain:

As the name for two of our name servers both, we say they run their own domain. That is why changes of these name servers IP addresses, must be updated in our self service. 
The name server must be updated in the .net zone.

Changing the name of your name server If the name server is to given a new name, it must be registered, and approved by dk-hostmaster. After the approval, all domain names can be redelegated internally to the new name server. Then the old name server, can be removed from the .dk zone.

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