Internal change of name server

Internal change of name server

Domain names can be moved to new name servers internally in an organization, if old and new name servers belong to the same organization. Send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • The name of the old primary name server
  • IP address of the new primary name server
  • User ID and password for all name servers, both in the old and the new setup.

The e-mail must be sent as text/plain in one of the following formats:

  • ISO-8859-1
  • Windows-1252

E-mails requesting internal change of name server, will not be processed, unless they meet all conditions. In case of errors, the change of name server programme will not return an answer.

Requirements for the e-mail requesting internal change of name server

  • The e-mail must contain a list of domain names, with one domain name per line
  • Empty lines will be ignored
  • User IDs must be written in capital letters
  • A domain name can not be coded (e.g.
  • The e-mail may not contain any other text
  • There is a maximum of 999 domain names pr. e-mail
  • The list of domain names can not be attached to the e-mail

The domain names must be set up on the new name servers, before the programme can change the domain name's name server from the list of domain names.

Example of an e-mail requesting an internal change of name server

HDL1-DK 1234
JRYV932-DK 2345
GNAF34-DK 3456
. . .

Requests free from errors, will be executed, when we restart the .dk-zone. The e-mail, confirming the change of name server, will be sent shortly after.

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