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Issues with NemID?
Did you receive an email saying that you are no longer the payer of your domain name?

No worries, you have not lost your domain name! The payer role just temporarily changed.


Re open your domain


Need help to self service?

KS Suspenderet domænenavn?

Has your domain name been suspended?

If you have not paid your invoice to DK Hostmaster, we have suspended your domain name.

You get your domain name up and running again fast and easily by paying your invoice at our online self-service. Choose the tap INVOICE & PAYMENT, and pay your invoice + the restoration fee with a credit card. The restoration fee is 125 DKK. Within a few hours your domain name will be active again.

If you pay via online banking, it might take two or more bank days, before the domain name is active again. 

Operational status

Normal operation Normal operation
i Customer service is open
Do you need data about a domain name?

The WHOIS database contains details about registrants, proxys, name servers, domain name creation date etc. Find publicly available data here.

You must contact us if you need data that is not publicly available, for example for a legal dispute.


Contact our customer service
I do not have NemID

Everyone who has a .dk domain name and who is resident in Denmark, must associate a NemID with their profile on self-service. You may not be exempt from using NemID unless you have name and address protection.  Go to Nets go get NemID.

My company does not have NemID 

For a start, ask whether your financial department has an administrator NemID that you can use. They have to report to SKAT with NemID, so they might have it. Or else create an administrator NemID at Nets.

My association does not have NemID

If you have CVR number, you can order an employee certificates at Nets and use it to log in. If you do not have a CVR number, the person who registered the domain name must use his NemID to complete the identification process. 

How do I pay my domain name?

You can pay your domain name in four different ways.

DK Hostmaster invoice: Pay the invoice we sent to your email address

Self-service: Log in to our self-service portal and pay your invoice

Betalingsservice (BS – payment service): Subscribe the invoice to Betalingsservice and pay automatically

Via provider: Pay your domain name via your provider. It is not an option by all providers. Check with your provider – not with DK Hostmaster – if they offer this service. Read more

Did you receive a warning?

If you have received a warning from DK Hostmaster, it's because you haven't paid your invoice on time.

To avoid a suspension of your domain name you must pay your invoice as soon as possible - lastest 14 days after the warning date.

You can pay your invoice directly in our self-service.

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