Release of data

Release of data

DK Hostmaster has collected all data concerning registered .dk domain names in a database we call the WHOIS database. It contains details about registrants, proxys, name servers, domain name creation date etc. Find publicly available data here.

According to the Danish Domain Names Act, DK Hostmaster is obliged to provide a publicly available database so that you, as a user of the Danish namespace, can see who has registered a given .dk domain name.

Do you need access to data?

There are, however, exceptions. You must contact us if you need data that is not publicly available, for example for a legal dispute. To enable us to assess your request, you must specify which details you need and how you intend to use them.

Information about you

If you need information about your own domain name and registration period, please fill out the form below and send it to

Download Form for information about you

Information about a domain name that belongs to someone else

If you are a third party to a domain name and would like access to data, we will only be able to release information if you prove a legal interest in the data. If you request data on behalf of a registrant, please include a power of attorney when you submit your request.

For information about third party, please fill out the form below and send it to

Application form for information about third party

If we do not find that your request is adequate, we will ask you for further details. In all other instances, we will process your request for data based on current legislation, our terms of business and best practice.

Further information

We cannot help you with domain names with a suffix other than .dk.

Find further details here about release of information on an anonymous registrant.

Find details here if you are a public authority requiring release of data

How to apply for information
What is a legal interest?

A legal interest is when the information may change your legal status or be required to make a claim. It is a legal interest when the information influence the outcome of a pending or upcoming lawsuit, or for a lawsuit to be brought.

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