Business model – sole registry

Business model – sole registry

In Denmark, the administration of domain names generally takes the form of a sole registry.

In a classic sole registry, a domain name is registered directly by the domain name administrator.

In Denmark, domain names must be purchased through a registrar, while the contractual relationship is with DK Hostmaster.

Legal rights and equal conditions for all

DK Hostmaster and DIFO have chosen sole registry as a business model, as it ensures a high degree of legal rights for the registrants. The contractual relationship exists directly between the registrant and administrator; thus, the registrant has clearer rights over the registrant’s own domain name.

The administration is regulated by the Danish Domain Act, which provides that the price of a domain name must be cost-determined. This means that DK Hostmaster does not aim to generate profits.

Furthermore, a sole registry offers the same terms and conditions for all registrants. Under the Danish system, amendments to the conditions are always subject to a consultation process before they take effect; thus, it is possible to influence how the Danish domain names are administered. DK Hostmaster serves as the single point of contact for public authorities, users and the internet community in regard to domain name administration.

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