Jakob Bring Truelsen - Administrerende Direktør

Jakob Bring Truelsen


Jakob has been CEO for DK Hostmaster and DIFO since March 2015.

He is a graduate of the Copenhagen Business School and has many years of management experience, gained from a range of management positions in IT and environmental services companies.

Nikolaj Ravn Hansen - Udviklingschef

Nikolaj Ravn Hansen

Development Manager

Nikolaj is responsible for all aspects of development, testing and maintenance of the applications DK Hostmaster provides.

He focuses on using agile methods in the development process to ensure our customers the best possible quality.

Nikolaj has many years of experience in system development, project management, design of service-oriented architecture, process optimisation and system support.

Henriette Vignal-Schjødt - Juridisk chef

Henriette Vignal-Schjøth

Head of Legal

Henriette’s area of responsibility covers DIFO’s and DK Hostmaster’s legal framework and consultancy as well as the national and international cooperation with stakeholders in the domain industry.

She focuses on operationalising legal requirements to ensure best possible support of our activities and protection of the consumer.

Henriette has extensive experience of legal consultancy, policy and communication in both the public and the private sectors and specialises in issues relating to the general public, IT security, use of data and data protection.

Lars Nielsen - Kundeservicechef

Lars Nielsen

Customer Service Manager

Lars is responsible for the daily running of our customer service department, which currently has a staff of nine.

High among his priorities are putting the customer in focus and ensuring that DK Hostmaster provides customers with the best possible service.

Lars has many years of experience in customer service at DK Hostmaster.

Johnny Norquist - IT-chef

Johnny Nordquist

IT Manager

Johnny is responsible for DK Hostmaster’s IT function and general IT platform. Part of his job is to ensure that the platform securely and effectively supports our activities and strengthens the business, both now and in the future.

Johnny is a results- and business-oriented manager with many years of experience in dynamic IT management at a strategic, tactical and operational level. He adds value to the company through digital innovation.

Lotte Storm - Økonomichef

Lotte Storm


Lotte has responsibility for DK Hostmaster’s accounts department, which has a staff of four.

On a daily basis she focuses on accounting analysis and process optimization, innovation and efficiency in the account department.

Lotte has many years of experience with finance and accounting and has great knowledge about domain name administration.

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