Change of fees

Change of fees

DK Hostmaster may, according to clause 4.6 of the Terms and conditions for the right of use to a .dk domain name, change the size of the fees under a number of circumstances. Here you can read more about these circumstances. DK Hostmaster is a non-profit company, and we therefore only raise our fees if it is required to cover our expenses and maintain sufficient funds required to run a company responsibly.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a complete list of all the circumstances that may necessitate changes, but we have made the following list of examples to give a better picture of the circumstances that may cause changes:

Supply and operation of services

  • There are a number of expenses related to the operation and supply of DK Hostmaster's services, all of which relate to the administration of the .dk domain, including staff, suppliers, rental of buildings, office management and the like, which may change continuously.
  • DK Hostmaster's costs for maintenance and updating of user interfaces, IT systems, technical equipment and administrative processes may also change due to demand and technological development.
  • DK Hostmaster is constantly developing new and existing products, which could increase costs if necessary to offer our customers new or improved products.

Changes in legislation, regulation or practice

DK Hostmaster is specifically governed by the Danish Domain Names Act and its associated executive orders. In addition, DK Hostmaster is naturally subject to other, more general legislation, which is regularly amended, such as the Act on Processing of Personal Data and the Administration of Justice Act. Changes in legislation, jurisprudence and administrative practices may lead to changes in the terms and conditions and fees if the regulation entails increased administrative costs.

Inflation and pricing regulation

If prices in society generally rise, it affects our costs and we may therefore need to adjust our fees. We do not necessarily regulate fees in line with inflation or price adjustments, but only if it is necessary to maintain adequate equity.

Settlement of litigation and the like

Should we experience an increased number of litigation or disputes, it may be necessary to raise our fees in order to cover these expenses.

Notification of changes

We will of course notify our customers if we change our terms or fees. The notification is made in accordance with our terms and other relevant legislation.

If you have any questions about the changes we can make or already notified changes, you are always welcome to contact us.


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