How to register a domain name

How to register a domain name

Get started by taking these three steps:

  1. Check to see if the domain name is available in our whois database
  2. Register the domain name through one of our domain name providers
  3. Activate the domain name by confirming the agreement with us in our online self-service

You can register a domain name for one, two, three or five years. 

Is the domain name not available?

The person or company that first registered a domain name has the right to keep it. If the desired domain name is not available, you can sign up on a waiting list. Learn more.

Vælg et domænenavn

Tip! A good name

Do you need an address for a website? Choose a domain name which is:

  1. easy to remember
  2. as short as possible
  3. easy to pronounce
Warehousing is illegal

It is not legal to register a domain name with the purpose of selling it and profit on it. 

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