Procedure for implementation

Procedure for implementation

DK Hostmaster uses external test systems, so-called sandboxes, on our new technical services and in change of features. The purpose of these sandboxes is both to provide a wider exposure of newly developed code, and to provide an opportunity for you to test new features before they are put into operation. Links and instructions for using these test systems are available on the webpages for the individual services. 

In co-relation to these test facilities, periods of notice is introduces for the different software changes. The table below describes the minimum of time in which a new software is available in the sandbox, and the period of notice of the time of commissioning.

  Backwards compatible Time
Security Yes Depending on severity
New features Yes 3 weeks
Change of system No 3 months*

* DK Hostmaster will introduce changes to existing features backwards compatible, so that both the old and the new features work. The old will be removed after a minimum of 3 months.


Announcements about upgrades in the sandbox, commissioning of production, service windows, and other important information about our technical platforms will be announced on our tech-announce mailing list. Error correction (bug fixing) will be performed ad hoc without notice.

Service windows

DK Hostmaster performs maintenance on operation systems that provide less than 5 minutes of downtime on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays between the hours 6:00 am and 7:00 am. These will not be announced.

DK Hostmaster announces extended service windows, including disaster recovery test, at least 30 days prior to operation.


  • Sandbox: A test environment where users can test a feature.  
  • Backwards compatible: A technology that can work with input generated from an older technology. The feature is designed for a new standard but can also work with an older one.
  • Security: security vulnerabilities to be repaired
  • New features: an add-on to a system. The system will work even without the new feature.
  • Change of system: Modifications to a system that do not allow backward compatibility.

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