Proxy’s options for action

The proxy can take action on behalf of the registrant in the following cases:

  • Change billing contact for domain name

  • Change registration period for domain name

  • Change name server for domain

  • Restore the domain name after suspension

  • Manage DNSSEC for domain name

  • Activate VID service for domain name

  • Add and remove VID contacts for a VID-service-activated domain


  • Approve creation of name servers for the domain name

  • Relinquish the proxy role and name the registrant as proxy in your


  • Add or change the contact associated with the registrant’s user ID

  • Change the registrant’s phone or fax number

  • Change the registrant’s communication settings, i.e. the language

    used when communicating with the registrant

  • Change the registrant’s payment settings, i.e. how the invoice is sent

    to the registrant if the registrant pays the invoice themselves

Proxy’s limitations

The following actions cannot be carried out by the proxy, but only by the registrant

  • Delete the domain name

  • Transfer the domain name

  • Deactivate VID service

  • Change registrant’s address and email address

  • Change registrant’s P-number

  • ID control on behalf of registrant 

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