Proxy and billing contact

Proxy and billing contact

A registrant can authorise another person or company to take actions in relation to a domain name. This role is called proxy; the person or company assigned as proxy will receive a separate user ID.

Most actions initiated by a proxy must be approved by the registrant before DK Hostmaster can carry them out. This includes the transfer or deletion of the domain name.

The registrant will receive a request by e-mail to approve the action initiated by the proxy.

When is a proxy used?

Here are three examples of who a registrant can assign as proxy.

  1. If you would like your registrar/web hosting company to handle your web server space and domain administration, you can assign them the role of proxy. Please note, that you must approve most actions the proxy initiates.
  2. You have a website but you allow a friend or consultant to manage it. Then you can grant them access to the domain name as a proxy.
  3. If you work in a large company where the company is the registrant, you can make a technician or server administrator the proxy and a person in the accounting department the billing contact.


Billing contact 

A registrant and a proxy can assign another person or company as responsible for payment for the domain name. This role is called billing contact; the person or company assigned as billing contact will be assigned a separate user ID.

The only action the billing contact is authorised to perform is to pay for the domain name.

When is a billing contact used?

The registrant can assign the role of billing contact to the accounting department of the registrant’s company, for example.


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