Release of data about anonymous registrants

Release of data about anonymous registrants

You must have a legal interest in release of data about an anonymous registrant. We explain here how to request release of data about anonymous registrants, and how we handle your request and make our decision.

Do you need data about an anonymous registrant?

If you need details about an anonymous registrant, please send a request for release of the data by e-mail to

It is important that you include the following information in your request:

  • Who wants the details
  • How the data will be used
  • An explanation for, and documentation of, your legal interest in the data

How does DK Hostmaster handle your request?

The first thing we do after receiving your request is assess whether you have a legal interest in release of the data. If we believe this to be the case, we send your request to the anonymous registrant. The registrant then has 14 days to consent or object to release of the data.

Decision to release data

Once the deadline has passed, we decide whether the data can be released. When making our decision, we take into account the information received from you and the information received from the registrant. We also consider, for example, whether the case is urgent in nature and whether we can wait for a discovery order.

If we decide against releasing the requested data, and if you require the information to make a decision on who to sue, you may apply for a discovery order against DK Hostmaster according to Section 299 and Section 343 (1) of the Danish Administration of Justice Act. These sections contain the authority, according to current legal practice, to obtain a court order for release of data from a third party, even if said data are not required in connection with a pending court case.

Appeal procedures

Read more about your rights of appeal if you are not satisfied with DK Hostmaster’s decision.

If you are the anonymous registrant

Read more about the protection you have if you are anonymously registered with DK Hostmaster.

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