Release notes

Release notes

Overview of service releases, including EPP, SB, RP, DAS, DSU, Whois and WhoisD.

Here you will find release documentation, guides and GitHub links on releases from DK Hostmaster.

28. April, 2022

Release (RP 3.5.0)

Feature update improvement to existing user match on user creation and enable auto/force option on user creation. Minor bug fixes addressing registration of nameservers on non .dk domains, listed as known issue #11317, error on Authinfo tokens issued for domains with VID service listed as known issue #11489 and various minor layout and error corrections.

19. March, 2022

Release (SB 5.6.0)

Additional upgrades to support new database infrastructure, access to legacy invoice documents and various minor layout and error corrections.

15. March, 2022

Release (EPP 4.3.1, RP 3.4.0 og SB 5.5.0)

Improving payment options in the registrar portal and preparatory updates to the database infrastructure for the self-service portal and registrar portal. Minor bug fixes of missing message to registrar when removing payroll role, on DSRECORD for VID domains, removing of rights for internal redelegation, removing unnecessary restrictions in name server management, in the error message when flushing DSRECORD on domains without privileges and a number of minor cosmetic adjustments.


2. March, 2022

Release (EPP 4.3.9)

Improvement of return codes and error messages prohibiting and blocking transfers. Listed as “known issue #10012”. Addition of data (VAT, EAN and P-number) to contact information response and correction of status codes related to change of nameserver.

9. February, 2022

Release (RP 3.3.0 and SB 5.4.0)

Fixed bug where some registrarss lacked the ability to add name servers and name server administrators to their registrar account in the registrar portal portal, due to missing whois handleg. Listed as "Known issue" # 9941. Addition of receipt to former name server administrator on completed redelegation.

Minor bug fixes in connection with time-out for searches in the Dealer Portal, role acceptance for NSA already in groups, file management when downloading invoices and several cosmetic adjustments


18. January, 2022

Release (RP 3.2.0 and EPP 4.2.0)

Addition of EPP poll messages related to domain transfers. Listed as "Known Issue" #9863.Addition of EPP poll messages related to change of ownership. Listed as “Known issue” #9979. Also, allow manual renewal up to the expiration date for a domain. Listed as “Known issue” #10288.

Bug fixes related to error in EPP when attempting to become/remove payer using EPP service user, in RP when attempting to redelegate domain to 3 or more nameservers, where 1 nameserver is inactive, output error in RP when approving change of nameservers initiated using NSU service, correction of file naming when downloading invoices as PDF via RP and various minor layout and error corrections.


13. January, 2022

Release (SB 5.3.0)

Update and consolidation of the FAQ section and prerequisites for extended EPP poll messaging. Error fixing of generation of auth token for redelegation on VID domains, correction of error when creating Danish user for domain transfer and a series of layout adjustments.

22. December, 2021

Release (SB 5.2.2)

A minor fix related to invoices and transfers.

17. December, 2021

Release (SB 5.2.1)

Correction to handling references from invoice. Prohibition of the ability to receive change of ownership requests to users, which are already linked to a registrar account. Improvement to error handling in relation to change of name servers for name servers which are not active and some minor internal fixes.

14. december, 2021

Release (EPP 4.1.1)

A minor bug fix with support for “_” in company names and cleanup of poll messages containing redundant XML.

7. december, 2021

Release (SB 5.2.0)

We have addressed the issue of the expiry dates being dependent on the status of the underlying financial transactions. Listed as "Known Issues" #9902. Improved the authorization token format, corrected an issue where it was possible to specify a change of name servers to inactive name servers and correction of a minor bug in the domain name detail view.

6. December, 2021

Release (EPP 4.1.0)

We have addressed the issue of the expiry dates being dependent on the status of the underlying financial transactions. Listed as "Known Issues" #9902. Adjusted the business rules in relation to editing registrants under registrar management, so this is now possible via EPP and the registrar portal (RP) as the proxy role. Listed as "Known Issues" #9944. Improved the authorization token format, implemented error handling for change of ownership process, fixed issue with applications for domain names offered from waiting list and corrected TLD handling.

2. December, 2021

Release (RP 3.1.0)

Error corrections that expiration dates depend on the status of the underlying financial transactions, export facility in the PowerBI integration, correction of TLD handling and optimized "backgroound workers". Adjusting the proxy role rules set forth in "Known Issues" such as # 9944, improved the authorization token format, disabled the ability to transfer a registrant to the existing registrant, and disconnect WHOIS trading from the registrar account. Finally some GUI and text adjustments.

30. November, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.7)

Minor error correction, it addresses TLD errors as well as disabling Opt-out of BetalingsService as payment option.

18. November, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.6)

Minor bug fixes and optimization.

10. November, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.5)

Minor bug fixes in retrieving DNRECORD’s and in description of feature.

Release (NSU 2.1.0)

Minor bug fixes of internal DNS library and silent fail with name server queries.


8. November, 2021

Release (RP 3.0.6)

Minor bug fixes for occasional database errors and domain search errors for deleted domains.

2. November, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.4)

Minor bug-fixes:

An issue where addition of DSRECORDs would loose the authenticated session and fail. This is listed on the "Known Issues" as #9943, missing error handling for an internal process for change of ownership, initiated by DK Hostmaster and listing of phonenumber on a receipt page for non-Danish users in the change of ownership wizard.

Release (RP 3.0.5)

Minor bug-fixes in Registrar Portal, among others issue listed on "Known Issues" as #9776.


28. Oktober, 2021

Release (NSU 2.0.1)

Improvements to logging and error handling, since some error scenarios were not observed appropriately.

25. Oktober, 2021

Release (EPP 4.0.6 & 4.0.7)

Removal of notification sent to registrant upon manual renewal of a registrar managed domain name. When initiating a manual renewal, it was not possible/supported to specify the domain name in punycode. EPP would not decline domain name applications, communicated via the domain create command, if the domain name was already created or enqueued. The domain application processor would be the provider of the response, instead of short cutting the process in the EPP service. EPP service users would not be able to see the balance of the registrar account via the balance command. Do note that this fix does not address the observed issues with performance for getting the balance. 

Relese (SB 5.1.3)

A minor bug fix, primarily addressing internal issues.


14. oktober, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.2)

Error fix of missing temporary password in connection with transfer/withdraw (change of registrar) operations.

12. October, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.1)

Minor bug fixes and optimization.

11. October, 2021

Release (EPP 4.0.5)

The domain name application related poll messages for accept or decline of the application are now being sent correctly.

7. October, 2021

Release (EPP 4.0.5)

This is a minor bug fix release addressing:

  • DSRECORDS with keytag zero, would not render correctly in responses to domain info
  • Indication of a flush/deletion in conjunction with a addition of DSRECORDs, where no DSRECORDs would be present would result in a privilege error

6. October, 2021

Release (RP 3.0.4)

Error fix of issue in Registrar Portal, where archived account transactions showed nothing if start or end dates for the query are changed.

4. October, 2021

Release (SB 5.1.0)

Critical error fix in connection with payment handling for transfers, re-introduction of name server change without AUTHINFO token and a number of minor bug fixes.

30. September, 2021

Release (RP 3.0.3 og EPP 4.0.4)

Addresses the issue of non-activation of 2FA (2-factor authentication) for both individual users and at the policy level of the registrar account. Fix for  Account Number Resolution Errors for Service Users when Checking Prepaid Account Credit for Domain Name Applications.


27. September, 2021

Release (EPP 4.0.3, WHOIS 5.0.1 og DSU 3.0.1)

Fix for error regarding default handling of registrar model, failure to display registrant in WHOISD for registrar-managed domains, and error in authorization in DSU. 


24. September, 2021

Release (EPP 4.0.2, RP 3.0.2 og SB 5.0.2 )

Minor cosmetic corrections of contact information in the Registrar portal, correction of invoice production and errors in waiting list creation in the self-service, as well as fix for error when changing payer role and error display of proxy and payer role in registrant handling.


22. September, 2021

Release (RP 3.0.1 og SB 5.0.1)

Minor language adjustments in the registrar portal and errors in self-service when changing the role of proxy.


20. September, 2021 b

Release (EPP 4.0.1)

Performance optimization in internal systems

20. September, 2021 a

( SB 5.0.0, EPP 4.0.0, RP 3.0.0, DAS 2.0.0, WHOIS 5.0.0 og DSU 3.0.0)

For you as a registrar of .dk domain names, this release primarily introduces support for a registrar management model.

The article "New basis for collaboration between registrars and DK Hostmaster" outlines the overall concepts:

  • You will be able to take over the management of the registrants' domains if the registrant gives his consent. If you have joined the incentive agreement, you will be able to earn a bonus for the domains you are a registrar for.
  • Registration for up to 10 years 
  • Automatic renewal and expiration 
  • Registration from waiting list 
  • Cancellation and restoration 
  • Change of registrar
  • Registrar account, read more here

The release also introduces a new process for changing name servers for a domain name registered in DK Hostmaster's registry.

The way to contact DK Hostmaster is also changing. STREAMLINE introduces a web-based contact form that connects directly to our case management system.

For release notes and technical specifications for each service, see:



For you as a registrant of a .dk domain name, STREAMLINE gives you several benefits: :

  • You will be able to get the right to use a domain name from 1 year up to 10 years
  • You will be able to choose to let a registrar handle your domain name. This means implies, among other things, that the registrar will make sure to pay DK Hostmaster on your behalf, so you only get one invoice in the future. Read more about registrar management and what to do here
  • The name server manager, ie those who handle the technical aspects of your domain name, will now be able to more easily choose the security technology DNSSEC, so that you can protect yourself against certain types of abuse. Read more about it here
  • If you need to get in touch with our support, you can in future contact us via a web-based contact form that is linked to FAQs. This gives you a faster, easier, and more modern service. It is still possible to contact us by phone. 

Known issues

Get an overview of known issues in our services that we focus on.

Her kan du finde teknisk information og formularer, som er relevant i arbejdet som registrator eller navneserveransvarlig. Her kan du finde teknisk information og formularer, som er relevant i arbejdet som registrator eller navneserveransvarlig. Her kan du finde teknisk information og formularer, som er relevant i arbejdet som registrator eller navneserveransvarlig. Her kan du finde teknisk information og formularer, som er relevant i arbejdet som registrator eller navneserveransvarlig.

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