ICANN replaces DNSSEC root key

ICANN, which is the organization that controls the root server of the internet, is replacing the DNSSEC root key. This is the first time that the root key is replaced and it is done to ensure that the DNSSEC infrastructure has the highest level of security. To make sure that the replacement of the DNSSEC root key will proceed without problems, all who run a recursive name server with DNSSEC validation enabled, must make sure that the name server has the new key before October 11, 2017.

Registration for ICANN58 in Copenhagen is open

In March the future of the internet is on the agenda, when ICANN is hosting their international conference in Copenhagen. More than 2000 people from all over the world usually participates in the ICANN conferences. The participants are from the business world, the civil society, internet users and governments and are this time going to discuss further allocation of top level domains like .dk and .bank.

Control of the internet’s root servers is now international

October 1, 2016 was a landmark in the history of the internet. Since this day the American government is no longer solely in control of the root servers of the internet. IANA, who administrates the root servers, no longer has their contract with the US, but is controlled by ICANN instead. They are controlled by a range of international stakeholders, which includes international branch organizations, ngo’s, civil society groups, states and private companies.

Democratization of the Internet - Do you recognize any difference?

This Saturday, October 1th, control of the Internet’s root server was transferred from the American Government to the independent non-profit organization, ICANN. You probably do not recognize any difference as an internet user, but it is a great step for the International Internet society. By DH Hostmaster we salute the open Internet and we think it is important that control of the root server is no longer in hands of one single country.

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