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We've added a new anycast service for another of our servers.

08-07-16 10:49 Consultation on the fight against cybercrime

Severe violations and misuse of Danish domain names – what should we do?

06-07-16 13:04 Joining ccNSO

Denmark entries a global organization within internet development.


19-04-16 08:48 Sign up for Betalingsservice

DK Hostmaster is currently distributing e-mails to you who experienced a suspension of your domain...

The Complaints Board

If you wish to file a complaint

The Complaints Board for Domain Names is an independent complaints board who handles complaints regarding the registration of domain names under the .dk domain. E.g. if you are convinced that you have specific interests or trademarks to a given .dk domain name, which someone else already has registered. Decisions made by DK Hostmaster according to DK Hostmaster’s General Terms and Conditions etc., may also be brought before the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names.

The Complaints Board for Domain Names decides if the registration of .dk domain names violates the Danish laws and DK Hostmasters Terms and Conditions and if DK Hostmaster’s decision complies with the Terms and Conditions. The Board can decide to transfer, suspend or delete domain names that a complaint has been filed against.

The Complaints Board’s contact information:

The Complaints Board for Domain Names
Kalvebod Brygge 45, 3.
1560 Copenhagen V
Tel. +45 33 36 11 00
Fax +45 33 36 21 00

All complaints regarding .dk domain names are to be send to The Complaints Board for Domain Names. On the Board's website you will find a form that must be used in order to file a complaint. Here you can also find more information about the complints fee and a guide on how to file a complaint.

Form for registration

Use this form for registration of a domain name after an upheld decision of the Complaints Board. Please note that the form is in Danish.