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DK Hostmaster offer a number of extra services that you can get access to. That is for instance our waiting list on already occupied domain names and our VID-service (Very Important Domain name), that protects your domain name against security breaches, human errors and oversights. We have made new graphics so that you fast can get an overview of how the two services work.

Today we are sending out emails to these of our customers, who will no longer be anonymous in our database.

As customer in DK Hostmaster you are automatically anonymous in our database, if you are registered as anonymous in the Danish Civil Registration Register (CPR register). If you are no longer anonymous in the CPR-register, your anonymity will also be repealed in our public database.

20 years ago it became possible for everyone to register a .dk-domain, which we are celebrating today - 15th of January 2017. Earlier only so-called legal institutions as for instance companies could get access to a domain name on the Danish part of the internet - and they were only allowed to have one domain name each.

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KS Suspenderet domænenavn?

Has your domain name been suspended?

If you have not paid your invoice to DK Hostmaster, we have suspended your domain name.

You get your domain name up and running again fast and easily by paying your invoice at our online self-service. Choose the tap INVOICE & PAYMENT, and pay your invoice + the restoration fee with a credit card. The restoration fee is 125 DKK. Within one hour your domain name will be active again.

If you pay via online banking, it might take two or more bank days, before the domain name is active again. 



DNSSEC - get a safe domain


Check name servers

With our new service Zonemaster you can check how a name server replies for a domain name.

This is very useful if a domain name stops behaving as normal, or if the domain name is being transferred to new name servers.

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