Waiting list

Waiting list

Are you interested in a specific domain name that’s already taken? Do you keep forgetting to check whether it’s become available? Would you like us to notify you if – and as soon as – it’s free?

In 2016, around 1,500 people acquired the domain name they wanted by adding themselves to a waiting list. Don’t miss out on the perfect domain name. Sign up for your preferred domain with DK Hostmaster’s waiting list service.

Waiting list

We’ll keep an eye out for you

Every year, there are domain names that are not renewed – often because they’re no longer used. We monitor this for you so that you don’t miss out if the opportunity suddenly arises. If you’re first on the list, you’ll receive a personal message if, or as soon as, the domain name becomes available.

This service is designed for people whose name has already been taken, or who have set up a company, webshop or, perhaps, a blog and want a specific domain name. Don’t waste time trying to get hold of your preferred domain. All you need to do is sign up for the domain name(s) you’re looking for.

How to get on the waiting list

1) Check on your preferred domain by searching for it in our whois-database.

2) Add your name to the waiting list.

3) If you’re number one on the list and the domain name becomes available, you’ll receive a message.

  • It costs DKK 75 per year to be signed up to the waiting list for a domain name. 
  • When you take over the domain name, we will charge a renewal fee of DKK 45 for the first year.

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