You will find here the terms and conditions to which a registrant agrees when confirming an agreement on right of use of a domain name. You will also find a specification of the legislation that provides the framework for DK Hostmaster’s administration of .dk domain names.

DK Hostmaster’s terms and conditions

When you register a domain name, you enter into an agreement with DK Hostmaster on right of use. Our terms and conditions outline the customer’s and DK Hostmaster’s conditions and obligations according to the agreement.

Read more about our terms and conditions here.

Domain name legislation

All domain names ending in .dk are regarded as a public resource. They are allocated to the Danish state by ICANN, the global administrator of the internet’s domain name system.

Therefore, the purpose of the Danish Act on Internet Domains is to provide a framework for access to and use and administration of internet domains, the aim being to promote innovative internet development in society.

The Act creates a basis for licensing administrators. The Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) currently holds the licence, and administration of .dk domain names is handled in practice by DK Hostmaster, which is wholly owned by DIFO.

Read more information about the Danish Domain Names Act.

Personal data policy

Our personal data policy originates from general Danish legislation on personal data protection. The policy lays down a number of rules, for example on how we collect personal data, how we release information about registrants and registrants’ rights of access.

Read more information about our personal data policy.

Warehousing is illegal

It is not legal to register a domain name with the purpose of selling it and profit on it. 

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