For registrars

The domain name list

We make a list of .dk domain names in the dk zone daily. This list is available for our registrars. The domain name list  may not be distributed to otheres besides registrars - it is for internal use only.

If you wish to have access to the domain name list, you need to be IP white listed. Mail to and ask for it.


Automate your registrations
Become registrar

As a registrar you can

  • Register .dk domain names
  • Renew domain names
  • Update name servers
  • Move to new name servers
  • Put DNSSEC on the domains

In order to become a registrar, you must complete our application form and subsequently pay a deposit.


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What do I do if I change CVR number?

How do I resign my Registrar Agreement

How do my IP address become whitelisted?

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

New terms for registrants
  • It will not be possible to apply for a domain name that is blocked
  • A new method for identity control for foreigners (and anyone else who does not have NemID) is introduced, where the applicant / registrant must submit documentation for his / her identity on request. 
  • A proxy can dispense on behalf of the registrant without the registrant having to approve the agent's actions. However, a proxy may not delete or transfer a domain name or correct the registrar's address and e-mail address.
  • Procedures, prices and products will be taken out of the terms and described at our website instead. This makes it more flexible to implement changes to our business. 
Check name servers

With Zonemaster you can check how a name server replies for a domain name.

This is very useful if a domain name stops behaving as normal, or if the domain name is being transferred to new name servers.


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The proxy´s privileges

With the new terms for registrants comes new privileges to the proxy. Among other actions, the new proxy can:

  • change nameserver
  • change billing contact and proxy
  • change registration period
  • handle DNSSEC
  • change VID 
  • change billing information

The proxy cannot transfer or delete a domain.


Procedure for payment and notices
  1. Invoice is sent to registrar

  2. Notice after 30 days

  3. If the notice has not been paid after 7 days from the noticifaction, the registrar account will be suspended.

  4. If the invoice has not been paid 30 days after suspension of the account, DK Hostmaster is entitled to terminate the registrar agreement.

    Any balance in the favour of the registrar will be paid into the registrar’s account.




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