FAQ for registrars

(For Danish registrars)

You must sign a new registrar agreement with us and get a new reg-handle if you have changed your VAT number.

How to do it:

  1. Fill in a new agreement
  2. Send a completed agreement to registrar@dk-hostmaster.dk
  3. Pay the two invoices you receive from us - one for a deposit of 25,000 DKK and the first year's registrar fee of 2,400 DKK
  4. Once paid, you get a new reg-handle
  5. Log in to self-service with your old reg-handle and
  6. Change payer on all domains to the new reg-handle
  7. Change name servers on all the domains to the new reg-handle
  8. Then we determine the old account, close it and pay the rest of the deposit

To terminate your registrar agreement and get your deposit back, please send an email to registrar@dk-hostmaster.dk

In it you should specify:

  • from when you wish to terminate your agreement
  • which account number you want to receive any remaining deposit

Then we close your account and your reg-handle and we will send you a deposit and a confirmation of your termination.

You need IP whitelisting to use EPP, to the domain name list, sandbox and registrar portal. On the coming registrar portal you can IP whitelist your own IP address to the other services.

When you need to whitelist your IP address to the registrar portal, send an email with the IP address to registrar@dk-hostmaster.dk


When a domain name is registered but not activated, it will expire within 14 days after the registration period has expired. 

You don’t have to do anything. The liquidator will handle all estate in the bankruptcy?

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