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.dk domain names

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Use a .dk domain name to strengthen your position in the Danish part of the internet.



Conditions for a .dk domain name


How much does a domain name cost?

You can choose a registration period of one, two, three or five years. 

1 year: 50 DKK.
2 years: 100 DKK.
3 years: 150 DKK.
5 years: 200 DKK.

1 January 2018 the price for a .dk-domain name was raised from DKK 45 to DKK 50 per year.

Protect your customers with DNSSEC

As the escalation in numbers of hacks shows, the internet is vulnerable to hackers who take control of domain names, for example to trick visitors into shopping at a fake online store. Secure yourself against this with DNSSEC.

Extra approval of important actions
  • Change of name servers 
  • Change of domain name registrant 
  • Deletion of a domain name


The VID service costs DKK 150 annually per domain name.

Get extra protection with VID via self-service

Tekstboks FAQ


Why doesn't my domain work?

Or how do I change web hotel?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning domain names and DK Hostmaster in our FAQ.

Link til teknisk information

For registrars

Find technical information and forms relevant for you as registrar or name server manager.

Assign the responsibilities

You can ask others to take care of your domain name.

If you would like someone else, for example your service provider to handle both your web server and domain administration, you can give them the role of a proxy. You can also ask them, or for example the Finance department, to pay for the domain name. Then you assign them as the role of the payer.

The person who has registered the domain name is the registrant and has the legal right to use it. Only the registrant can decide whether to assign a proxy or payer.



Guidelines for complaints

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